Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Stop Seeking Free Clipping Path "Everything," It Won't Help Your Business

To create professional pictures of flowers, you can not rely on a natural background, a vase and a table. You need a solid colored background so that the focus is solely on the flowers. Try placing a white or black paper behind it to accomplish this.

Worst of all, he wants to find a free alternative to everything I come up with. That sounds cheap. And I can't get the thought out of my mind. Why so much people have this free clipping path service provider mind set online?

Once it's complete I have an image that can be cropped vertically for a magazine cover, horizontally for a spread or billboard, or anything in between. There is plenty of room for headlines and body copy. I left the storage boxes in, figuring they lend an air of authenticity to the situation...and can also indicate moving or such; or the end user can easily crop out the boxes.