Friday, January 15, 2016

Basic Digital Photography Tips and Techniques

A camera is a digital device to put a memory of our journey. It is able to capture only the portrait of our objects; it is not like an eye. However, a professional photographer can make an image eye-catching, in some way it expresses the view that our naked eye are unable to see.

How can be an image captured like real? It can take years to be a professional in photographic society. The value of every photograph depends on some special technique followed by professionals. In this article I will discuss about these steps which are significantly trusted in photographic community.

  • 1. Creative photography ideas: A picture tells us thousands of words in short. So it is necessary to bring into existence of unique ideas to intensify photographs. It may include portrait, landscape, wildlife and something other entirely different objects. How, when, what, which etc “WH-question” help to generate a new idea.

  • 2. Camera: Based on a unique idea, camera is a second thought to the photographers. DSLR or SLR cameras are impressive. But DSLR camera is the most suitable to take THE BEST shoot. Leading DSLR companies are Nikon, Canon and Sony etc.

  • 3. Camera equipments: Along with camera various equipments can make a vast change in taking photograph and be a professional. It also made a major impact and specialization to shots. Lens, tripod, lighting, filters and more extra items to be specified are included equipments.

  • 4. Light composition: Composition has many features: it isolates the object of desired. Normally shinny day is preferable to take photographs but in some occasion at night using flash is also acceptable. Light the scene is the foremost to isolate objects from background. Blur the background, focus viewer attention, pay attention to details etc are considerable fact to compose a photograph.

  • 5. Balance, Frame, Layout: It is mandatory to balance a photograph into the rule of third. Balancing the photograph means the adjustment of visual elements to be an eye-catching fact. Frame within a frame is also a key fact to take an evoking shot.

  • 6. Color and contrast: Our eye catches the most colorful part of an image. In that case our targeted objects demand color to be won the title of the BEST. It is composed of three main compositions: hue, contrast, saturation. Contrast makes an image vivid and evokes emotions to objects. Most importantly color makes a photograph visible to others.

  • 7. Make it simple: Be simple to create an astonishing photograph. Think about simple exposure. It is a fact that simplicity is the best to be a unique photographer. So make it simple.

  • 8. Capture when it is right time: A professional photographer click the best shot snapping it in right time. It is their nature to take the pose at right angle at suitable color. Perfect timing need to be secured to take the best shot.

  • 9. Post processes: Several post-photo-services are available to add vivid color to a picture. Adobe Photoshop made the services so easy that it is a matter of time and professionalism. Post processes such as clipping path, background adjustment, color adjustment etc are available now-a-days.

  • 10. Be selective: professional photographer captures several images but pick up the best one. So be selective to choose an eye-caching photographer.

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