Thursday, July 20, 2017

Apply These Secret Techniques to Improve Image Recoloring

Image recoloring is the way of changing an image colour. Photo recoloring doesn’t mean only to change the colour adjustment of photos. It also improves image colour adjustment. So, improve image colouring includes changing photo colour to another, adjusting colour intensity relating to another colour, adjusting the brightness or contrast of all colours, and converting colours.
Improve image recoloring is mostly demanded in an E-commerce site. It is because they have the same product but the colour of the product is different. It is somewhat difficult to shot different coloured objects and display it on the e-commerce site. Photo recoloring reduces this unnecessary workload. You take photographs of one product and recolor it. Finally, you will get the product in different colours.
If you want an enhanced recolored photo, apply these 5 secret techniques to improve image recoloring.Here in this blog, I instruct the image recoloring techniques that you need to know. Apply these steps to improve image recoloring.

Ω First, you select an image for re-coloring. Open your image from Photoshop.

      Ω Secondly, you will see colour replacement toolbar. In order to find this tool click and hold down on the Brush Bar.

     Ω Look at the bottom of your toolbar and you will see two over lapping squares, one black and one white. Click on the top square.

    Ω You’ll see a new window pop up allowing you to choose any colour you’d like. Once you have chosen your colour click ‘ok’

    Ω You need to look at the top of your screen. There you’ll see your brush options saying Mode, Limits and Tolerance.You’ll also see your brush options, such as size and hardness.

    Ω Now you begin to point on the area of your photograph that you want to recolor.

    Ω  In order to use this tool, go to Layer>New Adjustment Layer>Selective colour

    Ω A box will pop up, all you shoulddo is to click ‘ok’.Now you select the colour you want to change.

   Ω If you have too many colours that are too similar in your photograph. Find Select Color tool. Then, begin to replace parts of your photograph that you want to change. If this is the case use one of your selection tools before selecting the selective colour tool.

  Ω You can normally use Lasso Tool, Magic Wand or Polygonal Lasso Tool to select parts of your photograph before changing colour.But if you use Magnetic Lasso Tool to change colour then you can see the difference.

And, these are the ways of image recoloring. I hope it will help you to recolor your image. When you’ll mastered changing the colour of thesimpleproduct then you can move on more complicated objects of an image like as hair, skin tone. If you will continue your practice that day is not some far when you will be the master of image recoloring.

At last, as people buy products viewing images from e-commerce shop. Often sellers use Photoshop’s Image recoloring tool for making their product different. They have many collections but it is not possible to take anindividual photo for every product. I hope mentioned secret technique will help you to recolor your products. 

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